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LEBEN manufactures hydraulic industrial shock absorbers, vibration dampers, buffers, deformation tubes, hydrostatic / visco-elastic buffers & special shock absorbers according to individual customer requirements.

The company LEBEN was founded in 1967. In its early years, the family-run company developed, among other things, ski groomer vehicles for ski runs. Since 1980, only shock reducing elements and vibration dampers are developed and manufactured under our trademark Compenser®. More than 50 years of successful customer relationships around the globe and the continuous development of our products for a wide range of applications confirm our strength and expertise in the field of damping technology.

Calculation of industrial shock absorbers:

The calculation of our shock reducing elements is carried out in compliance with the VDI Directive VDI 2061 "Modular elements for reduction of shock effects". Our products comply with the relevant regulations of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, a tribute to our quality policy.

Product portfolio of industrial shock absorbers:

In view of the wide range of applications for damping technology, LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH provides different types of shock absorbers, including Gas Hydraulic Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers, Emergency Shock Absorbers as end stop (emergency stop at end position), Shock Absorbers for Operational Load Cycles and Irreversible Shock Absorbers.
For use at extreme high temperatures or low temperatures, we offer our damping fluid Compensol®.
Our goal is to meet each individual requirements of our customers!

On this homepage you will find an excerpt of our wide Product Portfolio of standard shock reducing elements, also known as industrial shock absorbers or hydraulic buffers. In the section of Special Shock Reducing & Vibration Absorbing Elements we offer you an insight into special designs for customised damping technology.
If you have any questions about a damping element that is not listed - for example a vibration damper, a visco-elastic damper or a damping system for earthquake protection - please send us an individual Inquiry for a joint problem solving and designing.

The company in numbers

Nations rely on LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH



Focus on our customers


Industrial Shock Absorber

Quality Assurance

Each of our products is thoroughly inspected before delivery, including the evaluation of the static characteristic curve.

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to provide various test certificates. (2.1 factory certificate, 3.1 material certificate, measuring protocol, layer thickness and structure protocol for painting, etc.)

Supply chain:
“Made in Germany”

The Company LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH produces product-specific parts in-house according to the customer’s requirements. We also maintain reliable relationships with our long-standing suppliers from our immediate environment, which we understand as an extended workbench.

Industrial shock absorber components
Industrial Shock Absorber

Depth of manufacturing

For machining, LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH relies on various CNC machining centers, among them well-known manufacturers such as TRAUB, EMCO and WFL.

Processing of maximum component sizes:

  • Length: up to 4500 mm
  • Diameter: up to 700 mm


New developments can usually be tested dynamically, statically and permanently loaded in-house. In case of very high energy absorption, the tests of our products are carried out at recognized institutes such as TÜV Süd GmbH.

Industrial Shock Absorber

Nations rely on LEBEN Dämpfungstechnik GmbH



Focus on our customers

Know How

Customer Orientation - "Damping Technology customized"

Ever-increasing demands on machines, vehicles and the support structure of production plants in relation to the parameters of speed and mass of the objects cause major deceleration, damping and vibration problems. The occurring magnitudes of the application’s load data (frequency and max. amplitude) overloads the in series fabricated standard absorbers in many cases.
Similarly, space problems or missing connection options for existing systems require a modification of the standard program.

Due to many years of experience and state-of-the-art processes in design and production, we have a high degree of flexibility and can therefore respond to special customer requirements even for small quantities.


Through state-of-the-art processes in design and production, LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH has a high degree of flexibility and is therefore able to respond to special customer requests “constructively” even with small quantities. Depending on the requirements, the reaction force and deceleration graph can be realised by individual throttle principle.

The damping elements are designed in CAD. We are happy to provide our customers with the requested CAD dimensional drawings and documents in the desired data formats.


Our product-specific parts are manufactured exclusively in Germany. We maintain close relationships with our qualified and audited suppliers. The machining is carried out in-house with the highest precision and the assembly of the shock reduction elements and their testing is carried out on test equipment and testing machines, some of which have been developed in-house.

Upon customer request, appropriate test certificates are issued.

Research and Development

A constant further development of our in series produced COMPENSER® is a matter of course.

At the request of our customers, specific absorbers can be developed for the respective area of application. You can find an insight into this under the section Special Shock & Vibration Absorbing Elements.

The power of innovation and the know-how are reflected in the numerous patents of LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH which were/ are registered worldwide.

In the field of damping technology, research is constantly being conducted to achieve the optimum implementation of the flow properties of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in shock reducing elements and vibration dampers.

In the search for hydraulic working fluids with greatly improved properties, a highly viscous, paste-like dispersion has been developed.




snow groomer damping technology
Leben-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH was founded in November 1967 as a construction office with its own sales department, originally as “Leben & Co GmbH”. The development of snow groomers for ski runs was at the forefront at the time. Their production was licensed.

The Beginning of the Damping Technology

Industrial shock absorber AROS
In January 1990, the damping technology division was purchased from AROS GmbH. The individual parts were manufactured by suppliers and the assembly was carried out by Kögel in Schwabsoien.


Industrial shock absorber fabric
After Kögel moved into a new building in 1999, the rooms that became available and the complete assembly department were taken over by Leben-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH. However, these premises were soon no longer sufficient and a new building was planned, which was ready for occupation in 2003.

Jubilee: 40 years of LEBEN

Industrial shock absorber manufacturing
Already in 2007, the production area was increased by 50 percent and put into operation in time for the 40th anniversary of Leben-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH.

Extension of the building

Industrial Shock Absorber
Completion of the second extension building with 460 m² storage space!

Anniversary: 50 years of LEBEN

“Damping technicians from Leben & Co. celebrate 50th anniversary” – Read the full report on:


LEBEN Damping Technology GmbH
Rebranding from “Leben & Co GmbH” to “Leben-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH”

New building

Industrial shock absorber CNC
In 2019 a further hall was finally added to create a total usable area of 3,500 m² of offices, production and storage space. This workshop increases the production area by a further 50 percent and has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These include the WFL M40, a multifunctional turning, drilling & milling centre for complete machining of complex chuck and shaft parts up to a swing diameter of 670 mm and a centre distance of 4500 mm.
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