Technology of the COMPENSER®

LEBEN produces shock reducing elements for damping technology according to the latest state of the art.

Under the brand COMPENSER® we offer a wide range of shock absorbers and vibration dampers. In case of an impact or oscillation (+/- direction of movement), the reduction of distance, force or deceleration is applied by converting the impact energy (kinetic energy) into heat or deformation energy.

This is achieved by:

  • hydraulic flow resistance by means of throttling of liquids,
  • elastic deformation,
  • friction between solid bodies,
  • or plastic deformation.

Shock reducing elements are differentiated between:

  • pre-set reversible hydraulic shock reducing elements for safety applications in one-off or rare impacts (emergency buffer), e.g. in the case of crane systems, high rack storage warehouses, buffer stops, couplings for railways and structures for earthquake protection.
  • pre-set reversible hydraulic shock reducing elements for safety applications with frequent impact loads (operational push-in buffer), e.g. in automation technology the piston rod is operationally approached and pushed in to reach the end position.
  • pre-set non-reversible, plastically deformable crash elements for one-off impact.
  • universally adjustable hydraulic shock reducing elements for regular impact applications, e.g. in the field of production machines and handling equipment.

Depending on the requirements, the “characteristic”, i.e. the reaction force or deceleration curve, can be realised by individual throttle principle.

Depending on your requirements, a wide range of our damping media is available for shock and vibration dampers under the designation COMPENSOL®: for use in the tempered interior up to extreme high or low temperatures with low to high viscosity properties.
For special applications, e.g. temperatures above +80° C or below -30° C, as well as for emergency dampers with design of type “S-Series”, we use a thixotropic, paste-like, visco plastic dispersion as a damping medium on request. This medium solidifies at rest to a seemingly solid mass and only becomes evenly high-flowable under the influence of force. When the load ends, it returns to its apparently solid original state. More information about our damping medium COMPENSOL® can be found here.

The calculation of our shock reduction elements is carried out in compliance with the VDI Directive VDI 2061 “Modular elements for reduction of shock effects”.

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