Damping Fluid

Hydraulic Oil / Compensol®

Depending on the requirements of the application, LEBEN offers a suitable damping fluid (also known as “damping medium”) for every temperature range – also leakage-free or fireproof.

Damping Fluid Shock Absorber Hydraulic

The damping fluid used by LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH is used with different consistency under the name COMPENSOL®. Each damping medium can be chosen to meet the requirements. We provide the ideal hydraulic oil (so-called medium) for use in temperature-controlled indoor areas up to extreme high temperatures or low temperatures.

For special applications, e.g. at temperatures above +80° C or below -40° C, we use a paste-like dispersion as damping medium. This medium solidifies at rest to an apparently solid mass and only becomes flowable under the action of force. When the load ends, it returns to its apparently solid original state.
This dispersion has the following properties:

a colloidal solid dispersion

a non-Newtonian pseudo plastic Bingham fluid with viscous properties

It is a paste or better a coagulation structure and deforms plastically under mechanical stress. At the end of the load, the structure returns to its original state (thyrotropic). Due to inter particular interactions of the particles, the viscosity is not a constant, but a function of the shear stress. At low shear stress there is no flow and the viscosity is infinitely high. The flow process begins at a certain shear stress (Bingham’s yield point). Depending on the formulation, pseudo plastic behaviour can occur immediately above the yield point (plastic behaviour), or the pseudo plastic behaviour is preceded by a Newtonian region.

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