Deformation Tube / COMPENSER®

With the CE-Type, LEBEN provides a maintenance-free deformation tube (so-called crash element) for emergency use, e.g. as fall protection.

Deformation Tube

The COMPENSER® of the CE-series is a non-reversible maintenance-free shock reducing element which can be used for emergency use, for example as a fall protection. If necessary, several deformation tubes (so-called crash element) can be installed in parallel as end stops.


  • any installation position is possible
  • energy absorption is possible in pull direction & in push direction
  • very short design
  • high buckling safety
  • maintenance-free & leakage-free
  • rear flange
  • surface galvanized or painted
  • extreme temperature ranges possible
  • variable reaction force over the stroke
  • energy absorption up to 700 kNm

Deformation TubeIn the event of an impact, the stamp (acting as a mandrel) 1 enters the deformation tube 2 and expands it. The initiated energy is converted into deformation energy and by means of friction into heat energy. The combination of deformation and friction determines the reaction force level. After an impact, the crash element is no longer usable.

Deformation Tube

  • Specific materials, e.g. stainless steel for a highly corrosive environment or use in the food industry
  • High-quality corrosion protection according to DIN EN ISO 12944 up to corrosion class C5M
  • Optional round or square flange on the rear position
  • Special mounting elements (e.g. threads) according to the desired geometry of the customer
  • Special impact cap on customer request and for special applications