Suspension Strut Special Design – Damping of chassis for special vehicles

LEBEN manufactures gas hydraulic suspension struts for special applications such as amphibious vehicles or underground vehicles.


In the amphibious vehicles produced so far, the suspension struts of the single-wheel suspension were connected to a hydraulic unit for adjusting the spring/damper characteristics required for road or off-road driving. The assembly and control of the chassis suspension was very complex.

A COMPENSER® was developed as a self-sufficient hydropneumatic / gas-hydraulic shock absorber with individual spring and damping characteristics.

Elimination of the hydraulic unit required so far. The suspension and damping for road and off-road driving does not have to be changed, but is made possible adaptively by the gas-hydraulic operating principle of the COMPENSER®.

Example of a chassis damping with a gas-hydraulic shock absorber from LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH:

Gas-hydraulic suspension strut

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