Automated conveyor technology for conveyor units in high-bay warehouses and small parts warehouses

LEBEN manufactures industrial shock absorbers for conveyor technology, automation, storage technology and stacker cranes in warehouses.


Horizontal application in the field of conveyor technology:

Stacker cranes in high-bay warehouses are moved at high speed on rails. Ahead of the end positions, these are monitored by by electronic signal and are brought to standstill by electric brake system. Should the electronic control of the conveyor system fail, the storage and retrieval machine moves to the end stop without braking. Serious damage to the device, building or personnel is the result.

A DC-Type COMPENSER® double acting in both directions of travel or a C-Type or CE-Type COMPENSER® acting in one direction is attached to the stacker crane or at the end points of the rail, serving as an end of track buffer. In an emergency, the stacker crane is braked by the shock absorbers with the maximum permissible delay or reaction force.

No damage to the stacker crane, building or personnel in case of emergency.


Operational load cycles of the storage and retrieval machine:

Great importance is attached to efficiency in fully automated high-bay warehouses. In order to achieve the maximum storage space, it is necessary to reach the end of the aisle. This leads to a permanent approach and pushing in of the piston rod of the shock absorber at the end of rail point. The industrial shock absorbers (COMPENSER®) of LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH are the market leaders for cyclical loads, as they are equipped with highly reliable and durable technology. In order to achieve a few 100,000 cycles without problems, sensor monitoring is provided and usually an external accumulator is installed at the buffer.


Vertical application in the field of conveyor technology:

Storage and retrieval machines lift heavy loads as pallet lifters, telescopic lifters or by means of a lifting cage. Mechanical damage and errors in the electronic control system can lead to an unbraked fall of the lifting device. Serious damage to the device, building or personnel is the result.

A single-acting COMPENSER® ​of the C-Type series or CE-Type series is mounted on the storage and retrieval machine as a fall protection. Alternatively, a one-sided COMPENSER® ​of the C-Type or CE-Type series is firmly anchored to the floor plate of the building as an emergency stop. In an emergency, the falling mass is damped by the vertical buffers with the maximum permissible deceleration or reaction force.

No damage to storage technology, buildings or personnel in an emergency situation.

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