Roller Coaster (Fairground ride)

LEBEN manufactures special shock absorbers as hydraulic emergency end stop for roller coasters, fun rides and other high speed applications.


Horizontally / vertically moving masses or rail vehicles with end stop:

In vertical and horizontal rides, vehicles and passengers are endangered as a result of an uncontrolled impact on the end stop. Mechanical and constructional faults or human error can lead to this emergency situation with roller coaster

Use of an industrial shock absorber of the S-series (COMPENSER®) as a safe end stop in an emergency situation as a safety component. (emergency end stop)

Reduction or prevention of damage to vehicles and passengers by using the industrial shock absorber as an end stop.


Pendulum (oscillating) masses at flying structures:

Some devices, such as Ferris wheel cabins, can cause uncontrolled pendulum strikes by means of oscillation, and in extreme cases, personnel injuries.

The pendulum movement is limited by vibration or swivel piston COMPENSER® dampers.

The pendulum amplitudes of the flying structures remain within the permissible range.

Special Shock Absorber
Emergency End Stop


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