Water lock

LEBEN manufactures visco-elastic and hydraulic shock absorbers for water locks in combination with a catch rope or a buffer beam.


Visco-elastic shock absorber or hydraulic shock absorber as end stop in front of sluice gate:

Water lock gates must be protected from damage caused by incoming vessels.

In front of the water lock gate, catch ropes or impact beams are provided which, in combination with a visco-elastic (COMPENSER®) or hydraulic (COMPENSER®) shock absorber, absorb the impact energy of the unbraked approaching ship. These shock absorbers for water locks are manufactured according to the special requirements (mounting geometry & load data) of the respective water lock.

The sluice gates can no longer be rammed by freighters, tankers or cruise ships. This prevents damage to the ship, the water lock gate or damage to persons.

Water Lock Shock Absorber Buffer
Industrial shock absorber sluice water lock

Shock Absorber for Water Locks

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