End of track stop (fixed bumper stop & friction bumper stop) – Railway technology

LEBEN manufactures hydraulic industrial shock absorbers and deformation tubes for railway technology, including fixed buffer stop and friction buffer stop.


High impact speeds and large vehicle masses must be stopped at the end of the track with a fixed end stop or a braking end stop (friction stop) as an emergency stop to reduce damage.




End stop as fixed buffer stop:

In a fixed end stop, all the energy is absorbed by one or more fixed end stops mounted in parallel (COMPENSER®). Two types of damping technologies are suitable for this:
A) COMPENSER® of the S-series are integrated as hydraulic industrial shock absorbers into the bumper stop as a decelerating end stop. The energy to be absorbed is converted into heat via the damping medium.
The hydraulic buffers can be connected directly to the end of track stop by flange or tube-in-tube design.
Alternatively, an installation tube can be used to integrate the buffer into a concrete block bumper (optionally: with guide rod and crossbar / buffer beam,
and anti-climb protection (“anti-climber”) according to DIN EN 12663-1).
Depending on customer requirements, the buffers are equipped with the optimum installation system.

B) COMPENSER® of the CE-series are integrated as deformation tubes (also known as crash elements) into the bumper stop as a decelerating end stop. The energy to be absorbed is converted by means of deformation work on the to be expanded deformation tube.


End stop as friction buffer stop:

With a friction bumper, the hydraulic shock absorber (COMPENSER®) absorbs the impact and accelerates the friction bumper when the maximum defined reaction force is exceeded. The friction rail stop uses friction elements on the rail to convert the residual energy until it comes to a standstill.

In the event of an impact, unacceptably high reaction force or deceleration is avoided and no damage is caused to the rail car or subsequent train set.

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