Special Shock & Vibration Absorber

LEBEN manufactures special shock & vibration absorbers in make-to-order production or small series for various applications such as percent for art (“art in construction”).


Without special vibration absorbers, a double-helix staircase resonates too strongly due to its own resonance and therefore cannot be walked on by persons.

Within the support tube, special COMPENSER® special vibration absorbers were subsequently integrated “invisibly” into the artwork as damping devices. The special vibration absorbers were designed and manufactured by LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH as a custom-made product for this project.

After installation of the special vibration absorbers, persons can enter the double-helix staircase without impermissible vibration amplitudes occurring. In addition, the work of art is not changed in its appearance due to the internal damping.

Customized Vibration Damping
Special Shock Vibration Absorber

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