Emergency shock absorbers – Anti-leakage and fire prevention

LEBEN manufactures emergency shock absorbers which are built anti-leakage & fireproof for applications with high demands of safety regulations.


Leakage-free industrial shock absorbers serving as fire protection for the underground:

In the London Underground a particularly high demand was placed on the fire protection of the hydraulic safety shock absorbers used due to the highly flammable environment.

The emergency shock absorbers used by LEBEN-Dämpfungstechnik GmbH were equipped with the special damping medium (COMPENSOL®) suitable for this purpose.
Unlike hydraulic oil, this offers protection against leakage, as a leaky buffer will not leak.
The damping medium (COMPENSOL®) also offers increased fire protection in contrast to ordinary oil, as it is hardly flammable.

The industrial shock absorbers (COMPENSER®) can still provide the required hydraulic operating principle when the correct damping medium is used. They can be used in challenging environmental conditions and provide safety.